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Ukiyo Interrupts Us In ‘The Middle’ Of A Pandemic With His New Single

Photo Credit: Matsu

Ukiyo have seduced us with their brand new single ‘The Middle.’ Featuring Panama, the track offers us sultry layers of low thrumming pulse beneath the gentle vocals. Ahead of Ukiyo’s self-titled debut LP Ukiyo LP, set to be dropped on 13 November, this single has us ready and waiting.

The single offers a hypnotic quality that can only be captured by the sound of Ukiyo’s vocals intertwining with delicate, shimmering electronics that enfuse the track with energy. But we’ve also been treated to a stunning video clip which emulates this nostalgia and desire.

In a press release Ukiyo offered his thoughts on the new track: “The Middle is all about meeting in ‘the middle.’ The original demo when I sent it to Panama was called “stay” which I thought was a funny little response to my previous track “Go” with Chymes. They both discuss similar themes of dysfunctional relationships & the fight within when you’re trying to leave them….working with Panama was a dream come true.”

The perfect mix of longing and wistfulness, captured in the tenderness of the vocalisation – the new track isn’t one to miss. There is an other-wordly feeling that this track incites; the beginning lures us in but once the beat picks up we can’t help but move to the rhythm.

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in the fantasy that Ukiyo creates in this dreamy single, follow the link below. Sit back, turn up your stereo and submerge yourself in ‘The Middle.’

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