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Under The Radar: Behold Aletheia's Stunning Debut Single 'Drowning For The Gold'

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Exploding onto the Australian music scene in 2020 is Brisbane based alt-pop artist Aletheia who has just released her debut single ‘drowning for the gold’ and boy is it gold.

Her ethereal vocals and but poignant lyricism float through the mellow verses before soaring at the magical peaks of the chorus -‘You’ve got something to show the world / don’t keep this hidden inside yourself / there’s a love that you gotta share’ its like a nice warm sonic hug for creatives who know all too well the struggles that come with being an artist.

Speaking on the track, Aletheia explains, “My debut single ‘drowning for the gold’ is about the sacrifice that many artists experience whilst making various forms of art. The lyrics strive to encourage artists to keep on creating despite how hard it may be. It captures the chaos within the mind that many artists experience, especially while struggling with mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. These burdens can be turned into a strength within their art form, capturing the depth that can be found within the human experience or in other words ‘gold’. We can only hope that we continue to swim rather than drown.”

As a fellow artist, I find myself constantly battling the dilemma between pursuing my passion or a financially stable career as people continually plant doubt in my head. Pop music could do with more meaningful messages like this, so thank you for penning this song Aletheia.

If you’re a fan of Flume, Aurora, Billie Eilish or Faouzia, you’ll be playing this song on repeat. We are thrilled to be supporting Aletheia at the start of her musical journey and can not wait to see what the future holds for this promising songstress!

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