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Under The Radar: Camarano's 'Holiday Inn' Is Movie Montage Material

‘Holiday Inn’ is the first 2020 release and tasty snippet of what's to come in the forthcoming album for indie rock connoisseurs Camarano. Fronted and spirited by singer songwriter/producer Mat, Camarano hail from Perth, delivering a woozy west coast spin that set them up at the same table as their easily recognisable influences, War on Drugs, The Shins and Bon Iver.

The self described “scrappy number” opens with a wave of building guitar strums, closely followed by Camarano’s reverberating vocals echoing into the ether. Lustrous instrumentals and a pacing beat envelop the chorus, artfully composing layers of softness into one driving motion with enough strength to serve as the perfect movie montage track.

Camarano describes ‘Holiday Inn’ as “a song about the unravelling of a secret relationship, what started out as an escape grows into something real, where the characters are torn between dream and reality. Maybe in another life they could have been together.”

Though the narrative basis may concern a disconnected pair, there is nothing unrequited about the production value of 'Holiday Inn', the melody scuffed just enough to seem weathered but still shining through charmingly. The track was produced in Mat’s home studio with the help of Elliot Smith on drums and Andy Lawson on the mix.

The atmosphere really can’t be described better than how triple j unearthed music director Dave Ruby Howe did: “If Gang Of Youths mellowed out and got really into pouch tobacco, this is what you'd get.”

After the release of two EP’s, Somebody Else in 2018 and Shadow Calling in 2019, Camarano is keen to get a whole debut album out sometime in 2021. We’re just as keen to hear it.

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