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Under The Radar: Jessie Monk's 'Maybe in Another Life' Is Sweet As Honey

Folk artist Jessie Monk has released a delicate new single ‘Maybe in Another Life’. Taken from her upcoming EP Here, Now, this track is earthy, sweet and melodic. A true story-teller, Jessie Monk is influenced by 70’s classics like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. With rootsy instrumentation, intimate lyricism and angelic vocals, ‘Maybe in Another Life’ is an impressive drop for Monk’s second single.

Originating from Gunai Kurnai land in Australia, Monk has a well-grounded background in the arts. Also a dancer and actor, she has played in major musicals including David Bowie’s Lazarus. This diverse theatrics background makes for excellent song-writing inspired by Monk’s surroundings and experiences. Making her official debut this year with the release of ‘It’s Only June’, Jessie Monk is a welcomed addition to the Australian folk scene.

‘Maybe In Another Life’ ‘tells the time old tragic story of longing for someone who is simply not available’. Opening with harmonica and acoustic guitar, Jessie Monk’s lyrics naturally unfold as if she’s sharing a story with a close friend.

Showed me a void you wanted me to fill/

But you’ve got a woman at home and she won’t let you fly/

So we go our separate ways, pretending we won’t be thinking of each other

The disappointment of yearning for someone you cannot have is beautifully captured with lilting vocals and folk instrumentals. Jessie Monk appears to have reached a certain contentment that some just things aren’t meant to be, not that it makes it any less painful. Violin brings the track to a grand finish, flaunting the talent of her band.

Jessie Monk breathes fresh air into the world of folk and roots, possessing the raw talent to take her a long way. ‘Maybe In Another Life’ is reminiscent of golden afternoons spent in quiet reflection.

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