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Under The Radar: Salarymen Deserve A Raise For ‘Runaway’

Photo: Matt Sitas

As a part of our Under The Radar series unearthing independent artists who are doing great things, we turn our focus to Salarymen who have a bonafide tune on their hands with their third single ‘Runaway’ released earlier this year. The Sydney based duo are gearing up for the release of their debut EP sometime this month and if this track is any indication, it too will be packed full of dreamy indie pop that is hard not too love.

‘Runaway’ colourfully bursts into your ears with a jangly guitar melody and bouncing beat that underlines the whole track, buoying the graceful alternating vocals of the pair, who have the same Angus and Julia Stone dynamism of perfectly combined male and female tones.

‘Runaway’s’ compelling ‘us versus the world’ mentality set against a backdrop of 70’s California frothy indie-pop beats has you whisked away in a twirling breeze of shimmery pastel whilst also ready to drop everything and jump in a car to nowhere with your best bud/significant other.

Salarymen seem to have taken a sliver of musical and aesthetic appreciation from every enviable decade, resulting in a song and accompanying video that is the personification of sun-baked nostalgia . The dab-of-this-dab-of-that method has resulted in an exquisite composition of cultured vintage groove and modern youthful drive that carves out a lovely niche for Salarymen in the music scene.

Though their first two singles ‘Please’ and ‘That Man’ were triple j acclaimed and hits in their own right, its clear Salarymen are refining their style with every release; 'Runaway' could easily be the quintessential cornerstone in their story of chart domination.

Watch Salarymen’s music video for Runaway in all its vintage glory here.

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