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Under The Radar: We Can't Be 'Sleeping Forever' on Oshua

Off his new EP ‘Sleeping Forever’, Perth based artist Oshua releases ‘Decipher Me’, a lo-fi track featuring Damisara. The track has that organic feel of a quiet night alone in your bedroom, and reminiscent of artists such as Juice WRLD and Clairo.

Oshua only began creating music this year, finding the art so captivating that he immediately bought a microphone to record his songs until he would release his first track ‘Four Walls’ in June. ‘Four Walls’ gave Oshua a foundation to build on, receiving a lot of recognition and praise as a new artist. The Bedroom Pop artist has a very clear sense of humour in addition to his artistry, his reading, ‘I'm recording with a USB microphone - it has a sock on it, cheers.’

‘Decipher Me’ is the first track on his EP, harnessing that inherent loneliness of being in your bedroom. Like a lick of honey down our mouths, Damisara sings, ‘Staring at the wall, I’m alright though / Quick trip to the past, I’m alright though / When do I get to exist again?’, a relatable experience for all of us stuck in our homes just disassociating until we can finally leave our rooms.

Bedroom-pop has the connotation that the artist records at home in their bedroom ‘studio’ (or with a sock on a USB microphone), rather than in a traditional recording space which makes it more accesible to new and introverted talents. Yet you'd be wrong to say that there's low production value here because it sounds ‘fuzzy’ and 'low fidelity' - the nonchalance is actually the point. In fact the 'bedroom-pop x lo-fi' genre has garnered more than a cult following through internet releases, where artists such as Clairo, Gus Dapperton and Rex Orange County have taken it to the next level with international success.

Much of the genre is self-published songs, and don’t get the press coverage that commerical pop receives. Our Underground release series is giving light to these bedroom artists who have an increasing amount of potential. We at Livewire AU are excited to see which way Oshua takes his work, but for now, he’s feature on our new Underground Picks Spotify playlist

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