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Under The Radar: Handsome Shirt Create Music For Our 'Moments Alone'

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

As a part of our Underground Drops series unearthing independent artists who are doing great things, we turn our focus to Fresh-faced duo Handsome Shirt who have delivered ‘Moments Alone’ - a divine springtime track that wafts around our sun-upturned faces like a gentle breeze.

Image credit: @handsomeshirtmusic

Handsome Shirt, the recording project of childhood friends Louis Lan and Ellis Bartholomew, have floated onto the scene this year, with three airy singles; ‘Red Wine & Swimming’, ‘Endless Sun’ and now ‘Moments Alone’.

Born and raised in the Essex countryside before relocating to Melbourne where they produce and record all their music, the pair have embraced a light, serene sound in their music, which finds them somewhere between languid indie synth pop and lo-fi surf rock on the genre spectrum.

Made to be enjoyed outside with the grass beneath your feet, or in a car with the windows all the way down, ‘Moments Alone’ inspires visions of kite-flying, cloud-watching and chasing the sunset with the coastline by your side.

Featuring atmospheric synth-pop hooks coupled with twangy guitar and a simmering vocal, indicative of its name ‘Moments Alone’ is best enjoyed solo, preferably with half-lidded eyes, or in the quiet company of someone special.

With whispers of an upcoming EP, we will be keeping our ears out for the next instalments from Handsome Shirt.

Listen to ‘Heal Me’ on our Underground Drops playlist on Spotify, featuring a collection of our favourite independent artists! LISTEN

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