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WA Music Week: Spacey Jane, To Infinity and Beyond

Few artists can claim the astronomical skyrocket of popularity that has propelled Perth band Spacey Jane into the indie stratosphere.

Since forming in 2016, the four-piece have released two EP’s and a stunning debut album, sneaking up high in triple j radio play counts, the Hottest 100 of 2019 and 2020 (an absolute criminal theft of number 1) and in the eye of music lovers and critics – both lay and professional alike.

Their sleek, satisfying and succulent production sound pressed against intuitive and poetically nourishing lyrics have wormed their way into Australia’s collective heart. Naming their album Sunlight was right on the money.

We get the sense this is just the opening act in their tale of ascent.

We had a chat with lead Caleb Harper late last year about the triumphs and defeats, epic highs and lows of high school football, living and working in our oft-forgotten giant state to the west.

What is the best thing about being an artist living and working in WA?

"Over the past 12 months it would have to be the way we have seemingly avoided COVID and been able to play shows and tour etc! We’re so fortunate in that regard. More generally speaking WA is a slow-paced/relaxed place and we all really enjoy that".

What is the worst thing about being an artist living and working in WA?

"It’s so bloody far away! Whenever we’re on the east coast it’s always so nice to see all of our friends and I wish it was more often :( "

Q: If you could play a show at a venue anywhere in WA where would it be, and which WA based bands would be your support acts?

"I reckon we’ve already played our dream venue which is Fremantle Arts Centre South Lawn! We played a beautiful NYE show with friends Carla Geneve and Supathick who we love very much. I’d want to add Jack Davies and Ghost Care to make it a real big party".

Q. What advice would you give up & and coming WA artists regarding getting your music recognised/touring/working with agencies over on the East Coast?

"There are lots of things to consider but I think the most important first step is writing the best music you can and investing in good quality recordings while also playing heaps of shows in WA making sure your live show is refined and ready to go. After that, triple j Unearthed is a great way of getting your music heard nationally. If you’ve built a strong fan base in WA and upload some good stuff to Unearthed, your chances of getting some radio play and east coast attention (labels, agents etc.) are really good!"

Q. What are some up & coming WA artists that we should all check out?

"I’m absolutely loving Supathick, Bexx and Ghost Care at the moment! Of course huge love to Jack Davies and Carla Geneve who are already killing it!"

Q. Fellow artist Jack Davies is a fan and told us he thinks you were "snaked" for the J Award album of the year selection – thoughts?

"Very cheeky. He’s too kind to us! We would have loved to have won of course but being nominated is a huge honour on its own. We also have a lot of love for Lime Cordiale and think they are very deserving winners, no snaking over here haha."

Thankyou for chatting to us Caleb, mildly starstruck to be in your virtual presence!

On the note of snaking...Idk what was going on in the rest of Australia on Hottest 100 day, but I feel I can safely speak for the rest of WA when I say, we have never been closer to secession then when we heard the opening chords of Booster Seat played at Number 2 and not its rightfully deserved spot at the top. Nothing against Glass Animals and their admittedly great song ‘Heatwaves’, but you almost caused WA-xit.

Listen to 'Booster Seat' here


Tickets here

(Excluding SOLD OUT shows)

Tuesday, 23 March

Sidney Myer Music Bowl, VIC

Wednesday, 14 April (Early show)

Civic Theatre, NSW

Wednesday, 14 April (Late show)

Civic Theatre, NSW

Monday, 19 April (Early show)

Enmore Theatre, NSW

Monday, 19 April (Late show)

Enmore Theatre, NSW

Wednesday, 28 April

Night Quarter QLD

Thursday, 29 April (Early show)

Fortitude Music Hall, QLD

Thursday, 29 April (Late show)

Fortitude Music Hall, QLD

Sunday, 2 May (Early show)

Thebarton Theatre, SA

Sunday, 2 May (Late show)

Thebarton Theatre, SA

Friday, 7 May

Discovery Darwin, NT

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