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Waxflower Continue To Blossom With The Release Of New Single, ‘Not Alone’

Photo by Mitch Lowe

Since their emergence, Waxflower have become unmistakable beacons of sonic riches, allowing their music to delve into often overlooked subjects within music, like the complexity of mental health.

Their most recent single, ‘Not Alone, plants seeds of renewal and hope- making it a perfect successor to their previous single, ‘Again’, by illuminating the vigorous journey to one’s own betterment.

Frontman, Tristan Higginson, explains;

“I’ve been prone to isolating myself when times get tough, and as addictive as that melancholy can be, it’s not healthy. ‘Not Alone’ is an exercise in self-reflection, focusing on the internal struggles that come with striving to better your mental state. But it also expands on this by factoring in the support networks we have, the helpful tools outside of our own will and mind.”

‘Not Alone’ invites you into a realm of calm, yet uplifting energy- a feeling which is expertly transformed to consume us in a tunnel of sound. Through the power of their signature alluring hooks, ‘Not Alone’ becomes an anthemic take on the nature of healing and seeking assistance in these unfavourable times. Truly, the song captures the essence of its title, as even when listening alone, you somehow feel connected to those going through the same isolation. Waxflower’s fresh yet nostalgic touch, makes ‘Not Alone’ an enlightening, release.

Their debut EP We Might Be Alright is out on April 16th - pre-order here!

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