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Waxflower Give Us One Final Taste Of Their Upcoming EP With ‘Food For Your Garden’

Photo by Mitch Lowe

Following their anthem of self-expression, ‘Not Alone’ Waxflower are back with yet another piercingly emotive single; one that is acting as the final taste of their soon-to-be-released EP We Might Be Alright. The latest track, ‘Food For Your Garden’ delves into the way in which we utilise our experiences, and how we can each salvage the past in order to help us grow, learn and blossom from the hardships.

Through a vocal performance that fosters both a melancholy yet cathartic feeling, the song is drenched with emotion. Despite being partnered with upbeat instruments, ‘Food For Your Garden’ becomes a representation of the pain the past can bring, but also the essence of hope it holds for the future.

“It's about running from your past and avoiding personal change by trying to find it in another. Regardless of how a relationship ends, you learn from it, you live with it and so do they. Sometimes you aren’t meant to be in someone’s life, and that’s fine. You may as well let your time together be the fertiliser that helps you grow." says Tristan Higginson

‘Food For Your Garden’ is a heartwarming and gentle song that navigates through the past in order to look to the future. It becomes one of many Waxflower songs that harvest an unmatched emotional connection to not only build vulnerability, but undoubtedly create songs with meaning and purpose.

You can catch ‘Food For Your Garden’, and the previously released singles on Waxflower's upcoming EP, ‘We Might Be Alright’, set to crawl into our ears on April 16th!

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