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We Won't Get Seasick of Hollie Col Soon

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Photography Credit: Ash Brooke

Sydney’s own singer-songwriter Hollie Col has launched herself into 2022 with brand new single ‘Seasick’, with the announcement of Ep ‘Julia Stevens’ hot on its heels to be released on the 15th of April via Believe (mark it on your calendars, folks!). With a clean bass riff to introduce Col’s vocals and a hint of Haim in the drums, the indie jam with a hint of pop will have you singing along before you even know the lyrics.

Col’s single is about the all too relatable troubles of a relationship that rocks back and forth between being together and being apart. Even if the pattern is nauseating, Col sings about still falling into that same groove with someone you know isn’t right for you. The feeling of a dangerous will they/won’t they is explained perfectly by Col in the lyrics ‘it’s making me seasick / going back and forth pretending that I don’t need it / but I need it.’ Col says, “This song is about that frustrating, yet exhilarating cycle of trying to convince ourselves we’re really over that person just to be sucker-punched by the reality that we are still very much in it.”

The video expresses the same theme with 70’s filtered shots of Col and another woman (our album title ‘Julia Stevens’) pining after one another through letters while Julia is still in a relationship with someone else. This video is the 6th installment of the ‘Julia Stevens Series’, following the first music counterpart ‘Forgot to Love You’.

Col will be performing live at Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney later this February, introducing her new tracks, as well as performing all your favourites- deets below. Summer may be ending, but you’ll still feel that crisp night air with this track in your playlist.

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