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When It's Just Not Working 'Anymore', EMSEA Releases Stunning Debut Single

Photography: Helen Nguyen

Picture a once beautiful, old Victorian house, slowly decaying as time plays its hand. As paint escapes from the walls and the floorboards whistle with every step, at some point you have to accept, this house is no longer what it was. This is exactly how EMSEA explores a relationship, similarly decayed by time. All too often in a relationship we find ourselves mistakenly prioritising the time we’ve already put in over our own future that lies ahead, even though we know eventually we have to be ‘taking off those love goggles and seeing the relationship for what it is’, as EMSEA eloquently phrases it.

EMSEA is a Canadian singer-songwriter from an ecclectic range of influences from Alicia Keys ballads to Tame Impala lonerisms and underground Indie-pop like Last Dinosaurs and Charly Bliss. ‘Anymore’ is her debut single and it’s a special way to introduce herself to the world.

‘Anymore’ brings us into a world where she grew tired of making excuses for her partner and saw a relationship for what it truly was, finished. The song is accompanied by a gorgeous video providing a visual landscape for the sonic world EMSEA invites us into. We see EMSEA slow dancing with her partner and receive a little reminder of just how hard it can be to step away. The song and video both reach their apex as EMSEA unleashes ‘Romeo spare me your games/Caught between silence and pain’ and EMSEA finally walks out the door. You’ll find yourself entranced in a reluctant yet therapeutic closure as EMSEA in her own words, finds ‘the strength to move on and do what’s right for you’.

The birth of a new artist is always exciting and we’re glad we got the opportunity to witness this one. Definitely subscribe to EMSEA's YouTube channel as next weekend she and her full band will live stream a full studio set and you can experience ‘Anymore’ in its full emotional element.

While you’re there, her cover of Beatles classic ‘Across The Universe’ is equally deserving of your attention. With personal songwriting, a fleshed out artistic vision and the vocals to match, EMSEA has our attention in whatever she does next.

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