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World Of Joy Dismantle The Beardo

Photo by The Shane Oliver Experience

World Of Joy celebrated the release of their latest 7" record with a 5-band gig that rocked The Bearded Lady to it's foundations. The Feeling Of Freedom is their latest EP, complete with 3 tracks and the vinyl available HERE. The killer line-up consisted of Brisbane newcomers Wetwork, Grout, Melbourne sludge belchers Horsepower, Blind Girls and World of Joy.

First on the podium were Wetwork, and I'm just gonna tell you right now that they're freaks. When you get there and Jeremy checking tickets at the door is maniacally raving about Wetwork, you know you're in for something crazy. His expert hype-man skills were not wasted, with Wetwork delivering electrified brutality in chunks.

Grout came second, with a ruthless set of skin melting hardcore. Grout are always scathing and their music is always moving forward. They combine a teaspoon of hardcore gravel with lurching punk chugs to create a high-octane, energetic sound. Side effects may include concussion, whiplash and nose bleeds.

Grout by Tom Wilson for Sense Music Media

Melbourne pilgrims Horsepower were third. Their set begins with hi-fives all-round and a welcome to country. They start with a howl and the pit opens up. They're sporting high-fashion camo pants and their breakdowns are pure putrid slosh. It's beautiful. Fly kicks up high and slow break downs below, the pit is a mess of beer and hair. I see my buddy Birss from World of Joy do a mic-grab and their strings are floppin' on the floor. They serve up a new song titled 'Angel,' and my notes from the night describe it well: The word "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM" scrawled across an entire page. They are the masters of the time change, with blast beats and thick syrupy breakdowns assaulting us back to back.

Photo by The Shane Oliver Experience

The mic breaks and we get a groovy little Lords of Dogtown jam before their next song. It starts with drums and it ends with violence. There is a baptism of fire as the singer anoints the forehead of his chosen disciple in the crowd and bathes him in seething prayer.

Pottsville's finest, Blind Girls are up next, and the lights dim to crimson darkness as they enter the arena. And so it begins: Straight into the drums & vocals, and everyone in the crowd steps forward. THE BREAKDOWNS, son, the breakdowns. Hair and sweat fill the building as ten thousand shrieks per second rain down upon us. The band have shattered a snare drum already, and a replacement is quickly conjured.

Their next song starts with a poignant intro and introspection infiltrates the skin. The shiny new snare holds true and the pit goes full Ruthless Randy on our asses. Wave after wave of cathartic hardcore with the band on the goosebumps and the crowd pumping blood. Vocalist Sharni Brouwer causes emotional damage and we all move in unison. She's on the ground and the pit ignites. Blind Girls bring big cymbals and even bigger lungs, with mangled guitar gluing it all together.

Photo by The Shane Oliver Experience

Blind Girls are about to embark on a USA tour with more dates TBA.

Blind Girls USA Tour 2023 April/May

04/21 - Seattle, WA @ Cherry pit 04/22 - Portland, OR @ Blackwater 04/24 - Sacramento, CA @ Cafe Colonial 04/26 - Las Vegas, NV @ 1038 S Main St 04/27 - Fullerton, CA @ Programme Skate 04/28 - Los Angeles, CA @ Tromaville 04/29 - Oakland, CA @ Stay Gold 05/01 - New York, NY @ Gold Sounds 05/02 - Philadelphia, PA @ Foto Club 05/04 - Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery 05/05 - Detroit, MI @ Studio 8500 05/07 - Chicago, IL @ ZBR Fest/Subterranean

World of Joy finish the evening with a legendary set that will go down as one of Beardo's most controversial nights. It starts with their drummer going full Travis Barker on the skins. Tentacles for arms, he shows us what the fuck's up before the bass goes glug and the guitars go eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The guitarists birdfeed their amps regurgitated slime and the band comes in swinging.

This is some Zach de la Rocha Inside Out shit. It's fast & furious with break ins and break downs. You've heard of shoegaze, but this is a new genre called amp-gaze, with each string crying out for dear life and swallowed by the feedback of their own amplifier. Ye Olde Pit opens up and Birss goes crazy on the 6-strings.

Photo by The Shane Oliver Experience

We are sacrificed to rusted metal gods, as the pit swells to violence. A full-fledged melee breaks out and the time for pens is over. This is the last of my notes before getting punched in the face. The venue cuts the power, perfectly timed with the end of a breakdown and the headline is cut short. Black lights and dead silence fill the air.

This gig has become notorious for the ferocity of the crowd and the explosive climax. Definitely a night to remember, with each band going hard and the crowd going harder. I for one can't wait for World of Joy's next gig, and they're definitely a band to watch out for. Keep your eyes peeled for these bands on posters. If they're ever on a wall near you, do yourself a favour and get yourself a ticket. Each band is a force to be reckoned with in their own right. Good luck to Blind Girls on their US tour, and thank you to each photographer who helped make this article possible.

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