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You’ll Want To ‘Do It All Again’ After Hearing EAST AV3's New Single Ft. George Alice

When Adelaide-based hip hop trio, EAST AV3, burst onto the Australian music scene with bars for days and addictive beats, they’d cemented their status as one of Australia’s best hip hop acts. And now with the release of their new single, ‘Do It All Again’ ft. George Alice, EAST AV3 have reminded us exactly what they’re capable of and why they’re incredible at what they do.

‘Do It All Again’ is quintessential feel-good rap meant to be played at house parties. Produced by Andy Gray, Matthew Khabbaz and Nic Flare, It opens with Alice’s echoing vocals and metallic sounds above beats that are guaranteed to have you dancing.

In our opinion, a rapper’s flow can make or break their song. Judging from this track and their past releases, the EAST AV3 boys will never have this problem. They ride the beat with a hunger and clarity that is a welcome reprieve in an era where mumble rap dominates the airwaves. On ‘Do It All Again’, you’ll hear the cadence and confidence of G-Eazy and the steadiness of Drake.

Alice’s vocals are also a highlight of the song. Pop singers being featured on rap songs is a trend that has existed since the 90s. We’ve heard all kinds of voices featured on hip hop tracks, but Alice’s voice is distinctly unique. There’s a youthful, indie vibe to her parts of the song that keeps the listener engaged at all times. When combined with the flawless transitions from rap into singing and back, the track’s energy is elevated to such a height that you won’t want it to end.

When asked about the track, EAST AV3 said: “We made the track on one of our Sydney trips during covid and the underlying festival theme came from our withdrawals from the whole live aspect of being an artist. Working with Georgia [Alice] was such a special experience, especially being able to put two Adelaide names together, which seems to be quite a rare thing.”

It’s a feeling that Alice also shared.

“I was so stoked when the EAST AV3 boys hit me up to be a part of this track. I’ve always been such a big fan of their music and what they do. It’s such a fun song and was just a total vibe being in the studio together! So many collaborations and sessions can’t happen this way anymore so considering we are all from Adelaide it was meant to be. We love this song and we hope you do too!” says Alice.

‘Do It All Again’ is an absolute BOP from start to finish. EAST AV3 and Alice are a combination that could win over any hip hop head. ‘Do It All Again’ is out now!


Tickets here

Saturday, 24 April

Lions Art Factory, Adelaide

Tickets here

Friday, 7 May

Bloom @ Goodspace, The Lord Gladstone, Sydney

Friday, 14 May

Yours and Owls Presents Juice feat. EAST AV3, Wollongong

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