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You Won't Be Able To Look Away From Tiny Little Houses' New Single 'Car Crash'

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Photo credit: Aneta Urbonaite

"I don't hate myself but I can see that I may be easy to loathe," laments Tiny Little Houses frontman Caleb Karvountzis in the opening moments of the band's powerful new single 'Car Crash'.

It's these kinds of introspective and vulnerable lyrics, delivered in Karvountzis' distinct raspy drawl, backed with buzzy distorted guitars and crashing drums that have given Tiny Little Houses a cult following in the Aussie indie scene. The Melbourne quartet's energy along with their ultra-relatable themes and song topics have been embraced by Millennials, or the 'Entitled Generation' as the band dubbed in their self deprecating anthem of the same name, off their 2018 debut album Idiot Proverbs.

Lead singer and primary lyricist Karvountzis is really just an ordinary guy despite his incredible songwriting talent. His songs sing the struggles of many of us.

On this brand new single, he said: "I wrote 'Car Crash' at a time when I had so many decisions to make in my life that I was completely frozen. The lyrics reflect wanting a release from that tension, whether the means of that release was good for me or not."

As with Idiot Proverbs, 'Car Crash' was also produced by Steve Schram (Paul Kelly, San Cisco) and released through Ivy League Records. An accompanying music video directed by Michael Ridley showcases the band's dry wit and quirky aesthetic. "We all had similar ideas of wanting to bring the image of the band in a crashing car to life, but I always like to see if things can be taken that extra step further into absurdity," said Ridley.

'Car Crash' follows on from the band's last single 'Richard Cory', which released last October. It was the first new music they'd released since Idiot Proverbs after they had repeatedly teased fans with promises of new music on social media. We're now eagerly awaiting a full-length follow up to their fantastic debut, and 'Car Crash' is just a reminder of how badly we need a new Tiny Little Houses album in our lives.

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