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‘YOU’ Won’t Regret Listening To The New Single From Eliza & The Delusionals

Photo by Kurt Skuse

Eccentric, energetic, and endearing. Since their breakout onto the scene in 2017, Eliza & The Delusionals have been marching to the beat of their own drum and showcasing an unwavering commitment to the sounds and styles that have made them who they are. Despite this, the band continues to nourish their sound, growing a skillful song-writing dynamic and progressing within their own right. This is no different for their latest single, ‘YOU’; an indie-rock anthem for everyone, including you!

Channeling the little bit of Avril Lavinge inside everyone, Eliza Klatt leads this single with a pronounced and pleading vocal performance, perfectly delicate and empathetic. Such a tone becomes so important to a song submerged in the personal perspective of many of the bandmates, airing out a discussion of the dynamics of relationships.

“‘YOU’ was written as a point of view type situation of any type of relationship where you just can’t possibly do enough for a person, only to have them give nothing in return and pretty much throw it back in your face. Essentially watching someone fall apart and knowing there’s nothing more you can do to help. That’s why it’s called ‘YOU’, it’s for you.” explains guitarist Kurt Skuse.

Partnered with an earworm-inducing beat and an all-or-nothing chorus, ‘YOU’ becomes an addictive anthem to all those who hear it!

Of course, accompanying the track is a simplistically vibrant and fun video, a perfect encapsulation to the way this track leaves you feeling.

“We were lucky enough to be able to film the video in a warehouse at Screen QLD, which was really handy as we had multiple large sets to build. It was great for that because we had more than enough space to work out of.. We wanted it to be inspired by the 90's/2000's outfit and style wise, and we wanted it to have something that was nostalgic but with a fresh feel to it.” Exclaims Eliza & The Delusionals

‘YOU’ is a charming and addictive single that becomes a mesmerizing feat of vocal capabilities and the abilities of the band to create something personal yet relatable. You can also catch this single as Eliza & the Delusionals hit the road with The Vanns- a tour that is right around the corner!

Supporting THE VANNS

Thursday 10th June Sol Bar Sunshine Coast

Friday 11th June Felons Barrell Hall Brisbane

Saturday 12th Felons Barrell Hall Brisbane

Thursday 17th June Lion Arts Factory AA Adelaide

Thursday 17th June Lion Arts Factory AA Adelaide (Late Show) SOLD OUT

Friday 18th June Indian Ocean Hotel Perth

Saturday 19th June Indian Ocean Hotel Perth SOLD OUT

Friday 25th June Cambridge Hotel Newcastle SOLD OUT

Saturday 26th June The Factory Theatre AA Sydney SOLD OUT

Saturday 26th June The Factory Theatre 18 + Sydney

Friday 2nd July Uni Bar Wollongong SOLD OUT

Saturday 3rd July Altar Hobart

Sunday 4th July Forth Pub Forth

Thursday 15th July The Corner Hotel Melbourne

Friday 16th July The Forum Melbourne SOLD OUT

Saturday 24th July Kambri @ ANU Canberra

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