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ZEKIEL’s Single ‘Energy’ Puts Him At The Forefront Of Australia's Burgeoning ​Hip-Hop Scene

Image: ZEKIEL | supplied

North Queensland local turned Sydney dweller ZEKIEL has just released his second single of the year ‘Energy’. The aptly titled track packs a punch and confirms the growth that the alternative hip hop MC has made since he started seriously making music at 18. Co-written and produced by the critically acclaimed Taka Perry, ‘Energy’ has a dark and impenetrable aura around it which is complemented perfectly by ZEKIEL’s signature flow and the track’s heavy production. 

If you’re unfamiliar with ZEKIEL, let’s get you up to speed. Raised in the quiet town of Mackay as one of six siblings, ZEKIEL, AKA Zekiel Franettovich, has always had a passion for words and writing, but it wasn’t until he discovered Eminem that his love for rap really started to grow. Known amongst his peers as the school rapper and freestyler, it was in Year 12 that his keen interest started to become his main priority. 

“This is a track about how you spend your energy,” said ZEKIEL. “It’s a currency in itself and sometimes it’s wise to avoid spending your energy on something that won’t give you any in return.” The rapper’s wise words reflect both his personal life and the way he chooses to create music with other artists, putting an emphasis on collaboration as opposed to competition. 

“I wrote this song when I felt like everybody in my life had ulterior motives, and that my relationships were draining me of all my energy,” he explains. “It’s about becoming aware of the people around you that don’t offer anything in a relationship  or friendship...‘Energy’ is the vocalisation of that realisation.” This statement also reflects his ethos in regards to the new wave of Australian hip-hop that embodies a more worldly sound and encourages collaborations on each other's different projects. 

But rapping isn’t ZEKIEL’s only talent. He’s also an avid songwriter- finding solace in poetry and music since a young age. He has worked with Australian heavyweights such as Thelma Plum, Cosmos Midnight and Jack Gray, and was thrilled to work alongside Taka Perry when in the studio creating ‘Energy’. Taka is one of my best mates and working with him is almost too easy. Dude can whip a world-class beat up in 30 minutes without breaking a sweat,” he praised. 

‘Energy’ is a track about choosing who you engage with and give your energy to. It’s about knowing what and who brings out the best in you and on the other hand, who is an energy-vampire. It's a single that packs a punch. Keep your ears tuned for ZEKIEL, as you'll be hearing a lot more from him soon.



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