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A Star Is Born: Shirin Kalyani & Her Debut Single ‘Naissance’

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

It opens like the soundtrack of a dystopian film. Cool and silvery, we walk through a grey desert before happening upon the ruins of what was once a city. An adrenaline fuelled drum invigorates the track before Sydney’s newest singer-songwriter, Shirin Kalyani, introduces us to her debut single, ‘Naissance’.

Named after the French word for ‘birth’, the track draws key ingredients from alt-rock before descending into the realm of dream pop. Kalyani reflects upon the human experience and in turn, craves for more. Kalyani says:

“Written at a time when everything was in turmoil, ‘Naissance’ is a survival anthem, expressing a deep longing and optimism for new beginnings.”

As a songwriter, it is clear to see (and hear) that Kalyani is inspired by the titans of her genres. Most notably, anyone who is a fan of Lana Del Rey will undoubtedly hear her in Kalyani’s lyrics. Like Del Rey, Kalyani is a poet with an ability to turn relatable thoughts and situations into lyrics that tug at the heart. ‘Precious times will come and go / they’ll steal your soul and swing it to and fro’ Kalyani sings while the world is currently being ravaged by a pandemic and several injustices.

Aurally, the track is easy to listen to and can be divided into three areas. Kalyani’s vocals, the drumbeat and the dreamy sounds that wrap around everything else. Vocally, Kalyani slips into the track like a hand in a glove. Her voice, crystalline in some moments and full and rich in others, floats atop the drums and other instruments that help keep the track’s smoky dystopian world in the forefront of the listener’s mind.

‘Naissance’ is a solid debut single from an artist with an experienced ear and a clear vision. Kalyani may be the new kid on the block, but ‘Naissance’ proves she knows her way around and she intends to stay.

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