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A. Swayze and the Ghosts Kill It With Debut Album ‘Paid Salvation’

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Photo : Rick Clifford

A.Swayze and the Ghosts have been Tasmanian favourites for some time, but they’re ready to show the rest of the world what they’re made of with their debut album Paid Salvation.

The long-awaited album comes three years after their first self-titled EP release. The band have quickly gained praise and following for their angsty post-punk style, even landing themselves a spot on the latest Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack. Their latest album Paid Salvation, released on the is a political statement fuelled by vocalist Andrew Swayze’s desire to "say something".

“It really shits me off when bands have this pedestal and they have the ability to influence so much around them and they waste it by singing about stupid shit. If you’re given this audience, I think you have to have something to say. And I definitely intend on abusing that right.”  Swayze says.

Not only are the albums punchy beats and punky melodies, but impactful lyrics that permeate each song. Screaming lyrics such as “Bending over backwards / to satisfy my doom” on' Mess of Me', the album covers a range of serious topics including social media, religion, ecocide and tall-poppy syndrome. The entire albums reeks of an effortless cool.

The musical triumph that is Paid Salvation is one of the best debuts in years, overflowing with post-punk anthems that hearken back to the golden era of 70’s Australian pub rock. From the angry analysis of social media track ‘Connect to Consume’ to the timely conversation of ecocide on ‘Beaches’, A.Swayze and the Ghosts have created the perfect angry album to spark conversation and change surrounding some of the biggest issues in contemporary Australia. If you are going to listen to one album this week, make it this one.

Paired with the release of the album, A.Swayze and the Ghosts announced a string of shows in their home state. Playing Hobart on the 17th of October, Launceston on 31st, and Devonport on the 7th of November, much to the delight of Tasmanians and envy of the rest of Australia.




October 17 - Uni Bar – Hobart, TAS

October 31 – Royal Oak – Launceston, TAS

November 7 – Pub Rock – Devonport, TAS

For all details head to


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