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Adding JVLY ‘tacenda’ (daste. remix) To Queue

Image Credit: Supplied

JVLY and daste. have delivered new tasty track ‘tacenda’ (daste.remix), the perfect accompaniment to sunset drinks and warm weather dance parties. Blending juicy neo-soul bass and bright electronic sizzle, this tune couldn’t be an easier listen.

Young Aussie artist JVLY released ‘tacenda’ a year ago, a sensual fusion of back beats and fuzzy organ interjections. The datse. remix leans into the sex appeal but cranks up the tempo, emphasising the dreamy vocals and dynamic shifts. It’s the kind of tune that gets everyone at the party moving in perfect synergy.

JVLY sums his sound up as “songs to cry and dance in your room to” and no doubt his classics like ‘monsoon’ and ‘ghostbones’ hit just that spot. But, if you’ve come out the other side of your solo bedroom breakdown and are looking to get back into some socially distanced dancing and crying in public, this remix will not let you down.

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