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Ainslie Wills' Well-Travelled Single 'Detour' Reaches Its Destination

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The worldly collaboration that brings us well-travelled new single ‘Detour’ finally reached its destination, treating us to a luxuriant love song born between our very own Australian singer-songwriter Ainslie Wills and critically acclaimed American artist Old Sea Brigade.

With Ainslie in Melbourne and Old Sea Brigade in Tennessee, ‘Detour’ is a product of the times, recorded by two artists in lockdown, having never met in person with more than 15,000 kilometres between them.

However this distance only amplified the pair’s storytelling, their captivating vocals bringing to life an emotional love song that is both heartbreakingly hopeful and stoically resigned.

“Detour is the universal story about knowing that you may be someone’s rebound and still falling hard, despite knowing the risks… love wins every time,” says Ainslie of the track.

Ainslie’s bewitching tones are beautifully complimented by the soulful vocals delivered by Old Sea Brigade, the love story moving from weary optimism to despairing acceptance as the song slowly climbs towards the last emotional chorus.

Despite travel restrictions, the contemplative single fell into place seamlessly following an easy decision for Ainslie and Old Sea Brigade’s remote collaboration, the song travelling between Melbourne, Nashville and Berlin, where Australian producer Evan Klar is currently based. Another instance of a positive outcome deriving from this strange year - opening the realms of artist opportunities by further normalising remote collaborations.

“The making of Detour has been one of the most unique projects I’ve been involved with. The recording process has been a worldly collaboration amongst such talented people, most of whom have never met in person. I feel so inspired by everyone involved with this process and am really grateful to sing with Ainslie,” says Old Sea Brigade.

Best enjoyed sipping on a warm cuppa, 'Detour' is the perfect blend of Ainslie's progressive pop stylings and Old Sea Brigade's complex nuances of emotion, prompting a deep dive into both of their previous works whilst simultaneously crossing my fingers for another Ainslie Wills X Old Sea Brigade collab.

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