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ALBUM REVIEW: Violent Soho's 'Everything Is A-OK'

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Through everything that has happened in Australia in the past few months, bushfires to pandemics, Violent Soho have created the album we all need right now. This is no “reinvention” album. This is Everything is A-OK. It’s an album full of classic, Violent Soho music.

The album kicks off with a Rise Against-inspired booming intro, a chaos of drums and guitar, and a classic ‘Soho riff. You know exactly what you’re in for. ‘Sleepy Year’ is true to it’s sound. It is an all too familiar crash bang chorus and softer verses. By the end of the song you feel a sigh of relief…”Ahh, Violent Soho are back”.

‘Vacation Forever’ has a calmer beginning and uncovers itself with a screech from lead singer Luke Boerdam. You find yourself heavily engaged in the lyrics of this song. ‘Pick it up Again’ peers into a Blink-182, early 2000s punk vibe. It’s a whiney kind of song and the repetitive chorus is a stand out. I get goose bumps thinking about a mosh pit jumping and crashing along to this one.

’Canada’ is a stock standard Violent Soho song. It’s familiar and it’s an easy listen. ‘Shelf Life’ has a strong acoustic intro that rumbles into the rest of the song, although its chorus is disappointing. The build up before the chorus suggests something faster and more explosive. The bridge is definitely the best part of this song.

‘Lying on the Floor’ is an album highlight. The harmony behind the chorus and lyrics “Lying on the floor is all I wanna do” is fantastic. The entire song is something to dance to, sing along with and sit in isolation with. It’s calming yet intrusive.

Towards the end of the album is ‘Pity Jar’, a pop-rock, catchy tune. ‘A-OK’ finishes the album, the best for last. The slow and tame tempo eerily contradicts how the world is feeling right now. However, the soothing guitar makes you feel like everything is going to be OK.

New music from these Australian legends makes us feel normal and allows us to escape reality for a good half an hour. It’s moody and sombre in some parts with hope and comfort in other areas. Once the world returns to normal I cannot wait for a live rendition of this album. Everything is A-OK is an album that proves why the country love Violent Soho so much.




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