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ALBUM REVIEW: White Denim's 'World As A Waiting Room'

Updated: May 17, 2020

World As A Waiting Room is the latest album from White Denim.

Through its lyrics and song titles, it is clear that this album was made in self-isolation. It’s a quirky and relevant collection of songs that features some extra layers of synth and welcomes the additional sounds of saxophones and instruments alike.

The opener ‘I Don’t Understand Rock And Roll’ involves a catchy guitar riff and a mash up of the classic guitar and drum thuds along with more synthy, electronic noises. As you get further into the album you realise this is a theme throughout all tracks.

‘Work’ features a Black Keys vibe, with wavy, funky guitar throughout and also features a solo of the scales towards the end. Although a strong addition to the album, it perhaps could be a little shorter in time, as I find myself less and less interested as it goes on. It was tricky for my impatient self not to press next before the track ended.

If ‘Queen Of The Quarantine’ isn’t a relevant song title then I don’t know what is. It keeps a dream-like, faraway sound and features some brass. ‘Slow Death’ and ‘Eagle Wings’ are standouts. ‘Eagle Wings’ has a chirpy, surf rock ambiance while ‘Slow Death’ has an old school White Denim sound.

This is a solid indie rock album with kooky riffs and starry vocals. Although most songs follow the same path, it is a welcome addition in isolation.


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