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Alex The Astronaut Conquered Like A Version And We Forgot For A Moment The World Was F*cked

Literally the human embodiment of a smile, Alex the Astronaut, slaughtered that Like A Version stage this morning and my heart is now so warm.

After spending a week as Triple J's feature album, also landing the number two spot on the ARIA Independent Label Albums charts, Alex the Astronaut has capped off a tremendous debut LP week with a glorious live rendition and a cover.

Sporting a blue jumpsuit (that I demand to know where she got it from), Alex the Astronaut delivered the Like A Version goods with a cover of Electric Light Orchestra's 'Mr. Blue Sky' and her original 'I Think You're Great'.

Her infectious smile is the warm hug we need right now and her bright summery guitar solo and darling vocals that shone through the screen and into our hearts is a testimony to how every time she creates anything, it radiates a kind energy that I want to fall asleep in the arms of.

This is truly the Friday treat I needed right now. Spring is here, Alex the Astronaut is here and I couldn't care about anything else. Her album is also a heart-warming time, so if you've yet to get your ears on it, that's how you're spending the rest of your day. Do it. Now. NOW!

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