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Alfie Templeman Shares The Love With ‘Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody'

Photography: Blackksocks

Born and bred in the UK, indie pop singer-songwriter, Alfie Templeman, releases an infectious new single, ‘Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody’. With an 80s flavoured sound, but with a production that is entirely modern, the 18-year-old virtuoso cements himself as a rising star.

When explaining the history of the song, Templeman said:

“I first wrote and recorded … [the song] back in 2017 when I was 14 years old and it’s been ingrained in my memory ever since.”

A few years later, the production of the iconic Tears For Fears track, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’, inspired Templeman to revisit his song and inject it with new energy.

Amidst the 80s sounds and a thrilling saxophone line, the track uses a toe-tapping, head-bopping beat that gives the song an air of confidence that only a fresh-faced 18-year-old possesses. The slight guitar strings in the background provide the right amount of ear candy to elevate the song’s chorus without drowning out any other instruments being used. Templeman’s vocals are clear and crisp. They’re youthful, yet there’s a maturity about them that harkens to that Tears For Fears-esque, timelessness and versatily. If Templeman wanted to release an acoustic version of ‘Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody’, it would be a welcome addition to his already solid catalogue.

With over 50 million streams, Templeman has been chosen to be the face of global campaigns for Apple, YouTube Music and H&M, all while growing his fanbase and sound. If this track is any indication, the future for Templeman is bright and the only way for him to go is up.

‘Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody’ is out now!

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