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All 'Swim' And No Sink With Hope D's Latest Single

Updated: May 11, 2019

A recent addition to the ever growing tapestry of the Brisbane music scene, Hope D is a relatively new voice, but one we’ll be hearing for a long time. ’Swim’ is an unwavering release of Brisbane singer-singer and brings an earnest, catchy, empowering and down right sold tune. Lifted from her upcoming debut EP, ‘Swim’ sets a tone for something great.

A lining of bright pop guitar riffs and an overall jaunty aura masks a deeply personal recount of finding yourself in a world where you clearly don’t fit in. In her own words, ‘Swim’, “tells the brutally honest story of the internal battle of trying to find yourself, and then hiding what you find, out of the fear of not being accepted”.

And to be honest, same.

A slow build that will have your forgetting all the anxiety that opened the track, boasting a ‘everything is f*cked, but we’re going to dance anyway’ vibe. With a Ruby Fields comparison ringing in this writer’s ears, there is no denying the strength of songwriting in Hope’s creation. She is swimming with no fear of sinking.

Hope D is a delightfully fresh voice that we’ll no doubt will be hearing a lot more of. ‘Swim’ officially debuts on Thursday, 9 May - but if you’re keen to catch her live (and you bet we are) she will be launching the single at The Yamaha (Heya Bar) in Brisbane on Friday 24th May. Tickets here.

You can listen to 'Swim' below



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