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Allday Takes Alt-Rock Lane 'After All This Time'

Photo: Allday by Daphne Nguyen

Prominent in Australia’s hip-hop realm, Allday has returned with brand new single ‘After All This Time’ that’s bound to set a new musical trajectory for the artist.

Within listening to the first few seconds of this track, you’ll know you’re not in familiar Allday territory. It’s best described as an alternative rock track that is reminiscent of catalogues from bands like The Cure and fellow Aussies DMA’S. It’s a bright track that definitely brings nostalgia to the table.

Throughout the entire track we hear Allday flexing his vocal ability too. While it may not be something that you would expect from this genre, his soft tone mixed with the overall shimmery feel of the track, blends well together. It’s no wonder the track screams dreamy pop-rock as it was produced by Scott Horscroft (DMA’S, Silverchair).

It seems like fans shouldn’t be surprised by this new sound. Earlier in the week, the artist teased on social media about making a rock album and while speaking with Triple J, he also suggested what future projects could look like.

I was writing songs on my rap albums that should have been guitar songs. Maybe now I’ll be able to make a rap album that’s a rap album, and a guitar album that’s a guitar album.”

‘After All This Time’ is one of the few singles we’ve heard from the artist in 2020. In April, we heard ‘OTT’ while back in February, he featured on JXN’s track ‘Outta Space’.

While we haven’t heard any specific news on a new album, if there’s one thing to take away from this new single, it’s that Allday can’t be pigeonholed.

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