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Angela Rose Blossoms In Her Newly Crafted ‘Utopia’

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

In just her second single, Angela Rose is soaring to intense heights, putting her unique sound and irresistible sense of character at the forefront of her quickly rising catalog of work. Her latest single, ‘Utopia’ has proven that she is truly the mastermind of her own creative world, creating an auditory escapism for listeners to delve into. Living up to its title, ‘Utopia’ takes you away for a special moment with this rising star.

Through a delicate composition carried by a gentle strum of a guitar, Angela Rose leads the track with her angelic and unique vocals. In every fluctuation of her vocal performance, from the soft whispers and the more solid choruses, Rose’s voice carries an unwavering feeling of reassurance, welcoming, and warmth, making the listening experience one of comfort- immediately creating an emotionally safe space. As the song discovers new realms of its described ‘Utopia’ in the lyricism, so too does the song progress, uncovering new realms of Angela’s musical prowess in both her singing and compositional capabilities!

This release is all about youthful love and the euphoric feeling that comes with it. ‘Utopia’ represents a perfect world and state of being when you are with your person, it’s like a bubble of bliss that is only between you two and it’s super special. It's also an idealistic way of looking at love, a rose coloured glasses outlook. It speaks of the honeymoon stage of love but the melancholy undertones of reality still remain in the back of your mind, and that notion always manages to bring you back to earth eventually.”

‘Utopia’ gives an incredible snapshot of what is yet to come within Angela Rose’s budding career!

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