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Angela Rose Lets Us Into Her Mind In Latest Single ‘Small Town’

They say the third time’s a charm, but how do you continue to excite and excel when the first was a charm too? With every new release, Angela Rose is reinvigorating her growing sound and blossoming into a truly captivating artist. Laced with vulnerability and budding with a sense of identity and emotion, ‘Small Town’ acts as Angela Rose’s third single. Melancholic and charming, ‘Small Town’ is a transformative look at the artist’s roots, and the journey to becoming one of the scene’s most impressive, upcoming singer-songwriters.

‘Small Town’ is rooted in a country wonderland, with a particular focus on calm acoustic strums. With a gentle foundation, the track allows for Angela’s ethereal, delicate and unique vocals to shine. With ease, these vocals foster a sense of warmth and comfort, encapsulating you in the longing and emotion of this unrequited anthem. It doesn’t take long for Rose to show off her vocal range, and more so, how it fluctuates with ease.

A sense of belonging radiates from this country-pop-infused anthem, almost feeling like a story you were truly meant to hear. With each release, Angela Rose challenges her story-telling, tackling new experiences and sharing new fragments of her identity which, in turn, are creating undeniable connections and songs we don't merely listen to, but get to share with the artist. With a sprinkle of escapism, we too occupy Angela Rose’s ‘Small Town’.

Small Town was the first song I’d written where I felt like it was worthy of being recorded and released. It’s the song that made me realise I wanted to seriously pursue being a songwriter and gave me a huge confidence boost in my songwriting skills and storytelling”

‘Small Town’ is streaming now!

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