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Apate's Rage Is 'Under My Skin' With New Single

Brisbane Metalcore Bruisers Apate have released a new single and announced their new EP 'Rage' .

Having already toured with Aus Heavyweights like Polaris, Thornhill and Born of Osiris, 2021 shapes to be the year for the crew of rabble rousers. Their name, 'Apate', stems from Greek Mythology, where 'Apate' was the personification of deceit. Though what isn't a lie, is how aggressively energetic they are as a a band. 2021 is poised to be APATE’s biggest year yet, starting with their signing to Human Warfare - a heavy music label created and run by Andy Marsh (Thy Art Is Murder). Joining the likes of some of Australia's filthiest, delectable bands like Fit For An Autopsy and Thy Art Is Murder.

Having honed their writing from 2017's release 'Spit You Out', the boys feel better than ever musically, marching forward with their new single 'Under My Skin'.

A heavy, hard hitting, 'Korn' inspired blitz. With more than a spooky video to match, one feels a new era of Manson, Zombie and Head fans will feel at home here.

The chaotic track expresses a tough period in the life of lead singer Caleb Patch,

"Lyrically it dives into an abusive relationship I was stuck in for far too long, touching on different red flags and inconsistencies that I realised I had been rationalising, gaslit into believing. I got to use this track as some catharsis and closure to a chapter of my life that I never wish to relive.”

Its burst of anger and the intensity of the song certainly captures the feelings of a tumultuous relationship. This lyrical honesty is a testament to the band who bleed out their experiences, with their songs reflecting an anarchy of the mind.

You can watch the video for their new single 'Under My Skin' here

Their new 6- Track EP 'Rage' is available June 25th via Human Warfare Records



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