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Baker Boy, Dallas Woods and Sampa The Great Unite In New Track ‘Better Days’

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Baker Boy has teamed up with mentor Dallas Woods and Australian Music Prize winner, Sampa The Great with a smooth tune that preaches positivity while facing adversity.

The track explores various themes in an introspective manner. All three artists each take verse and showcase their lyrical talent as they explain the struggles they’ve faced. While each artist delves into different issues, they all relay the song’s message of looking forward to better days that are soon to come.

Having this trio on a track like this not only shows diverse talent, but also highlights the cultural importance all three bring to Australian music. More specifically, the song weaves English, Bemba and Yolngu Matha languages together seamlessly and by doing so, allows us to hear how unified and committed these artists are to the message of this track.

It’s a fresh perspective to hear and for fans of Baker Boy, it’s something different from what they are familiar with. Opening up and showcasing vulnerability in music is no easy feat and fellow collaborator Sampa the Great commends the artist for taking that step.

I'm glad Baker Boy feels like he can actually express this element of himself. He doesn't have to be one thing and that's really beautiful."

Meanwhile, likewise for Baker Boy, working with Dallas and Sampa proved to be a valuable experience.

“The whole studio time we had was amazing. The first time, seeing Sampa actually perform in the recording session, I got a surprise when she started singing. She’s got an amazing voice. I’ve always listened to her rap and to hear her sing, it was a whole other level. In the first part of Sampa’s verse, she’s rapping in language too, that inspires me as well.”

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