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Band-geek Gone Rogue: Lola Scott Releases 'The Eviction Song'

Sydney musician Lola Scott has graced the Australian music scene with indie-pop jam ‘The Eviction Song’ - which hurls us into the life of many Australian twenty-somethings just trying to get through life and its inevitable hiccups . The song encompasses all there is to enjoy about Lola’s distinct style of cheeky alternative lyrics and experimental production.

Though eviction is never a good thing (unless it can be?), Lola tells a story of still having a great time amongst the chaos. What else is there to do in the eye of a storm? Lyrics ‘I’m a failure most of the time / but at least I enjoy my life’ have that perfect mix of bitter sweetness that melds so perfectly with the indie backing of the track.

Lola Scott had an early entrance to the music scene, beginning to play guitar and write lyrics from the age of 8. Instead of running rampant through the school grounds in games of tag, or cramming desperately in the library for the next tests, Lola spent her lunch times in music rooms, dedicating all her free time to the craft.

Launching her solo career in 2018, Lola has delivered single after single with bouts of praise to follow their releases. 2019’s ‘Crowded Conscience’ was played in rounds on Triple-J, and 2020’s ‘Take Me Back’ became a station favorite. To follow up the indie hits, Lola has given us ‘The Eviction Song’.

This is the quarter-life crisis song we’ve all been waiting for, ‘The Eviction Song’ has us riding along the highway on a summer night with our entire life barely contained in the boot of the car - yet still flipping the bird to the life left behind.

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