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Bask In Triple One's New Single 'Sunshine'

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

When Triple One first came out a few years ago, the last thing you would’ve expected to hear is them rapping over gentle 60s soul samples, but their versatility seems to grow a new arm with each release. ‘Sunshine’ is just more proof of that.

Sampling ‘All I Need Is Some Sunshine In My Life’ by the Dixie Nightingales, producer Billy Gunns flips the sample in a way that is reminiscent of how Kanye flipped Melba Moore’s vocals in 2004 for Mos Def’s track also named ‘Sunshine’.

The production is instantly enchanting and the vocals more than do justice to the instrumentation beneath them. It wouldn’t be too much use to try and assign a genre to this one, rapped verses are separated by an almost pop-punky hook and it’s all extremely catchy. It’s a complete ode to Triple One that on ‘Sunshine’, a soul sample, indie intro, pop hook and rapped verses all form together to make the perfect cocktail. It feels like taking a bite of a layered cake and somehow each layer hits the perfect part of your mouth. Not to mention, the accompanying visual is as creative and colourful as the song sounds.

‘Sunshine’ is the third single from Triple One’s upcoming debut album Panic Force. After a couple years of sold-out tours, praise from all sorts of publications and plenty of viral recognition, it’s very exciting to see what’s going to come from a full length project. We only have a week to wait with Panic Force dropping on 30 October. Triple One are also known to put on a live show that will make the rest of life seem quite dull in comparison, so be sure to always keep an eye out for any shows they play.

Triple One has really been pushing the boundaries of what we know Australian rap to be and Panic Force is their chance to consolidate all of their success and ensure they’ll be a staple of the scene for years to come. If ‘Sunshine’ is any indication, Panic Force is going to be in everyone’s rotation for quite some time.

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