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Bridget O'Shannessy Flexes Pop Pistols

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Single Cover for Sydney Street. Photos provided by Bridget O'Shannessy

Revealing her synth-pop brawn, Brisbane's Bridget O'Shannessy is a gunslinger through and through, nestled between two meaty biceps of Nashville story-telling and pop bop fury. Garnering a name for herself already, with her incredible singles 'Long Dirt Road' gathering 21,000 streams and her debut 'In My Head' catching 98,000 eyes on YouTube respectively, the Brisbane singer-songwriting bard has most recently conquered the QUBE Effect 2022 awards, taking home the gold. Her latest single, 'Sydney Street' is her first foray into pop proper and can fill your eager eardrums from September 23.

The song is about being a "single twenty-something in a big city," influenced by a big move to New Farm, love lost and West End jaunts. Produced with the help of her brother Dan O'Shannessy, the track encompasses a tiramisu of emotions: boppy strawberry kisses and cathartic story telling. Rich, decadent and creamy but with a bitter darkness. This dichotomy of freedom and captivity & possibility vs restriction is at the heart of the song, with Bridget stating:

“Building a life from the broken pieces someone left behind can be excruciating or it can be a beautiful process. There’s something whimsical in rediscovering yourself in sparkling city skylines. Something intoxicating about blurring the lines between love and lust and something liberating in getting dressed up just to dance in the streets between locations. Albeit the pain and the scars linger, however, with perspective, mending can be cathartic.
Sydney Street is a song I wrote accidentally one afternoon with my brother. It's about finding comfort in being alone, finding a home somewhere outside of your comfort zone, and being okay with the uncertainty of being single."

The track starts of with a simple verse, but picks up with the beat coming in and the vocals pick up. It rises into the chorus, with the second verse having the keys kick-in this time. Tinklin' and tinglin', we get a beautiful bridge with Bridget's favourite line:

"I spent my time searching for my own home in different boys and the same daydream until I got some new perspective from my castle on Sydney Street," and a final, climactic chorus.

The track is available from the 23rd on all your Great Aunt Nelly's favourite streaming platforms, and you can pre-save it from the 10th. You can catch Bridget O'Shannessy performing at the Brisbane Festival 2022, roiling throughout all of September. Until then, be sure to keep your eye on her socials because her star is shooting high in the sky and ain't never comin' down. You can catch her upcoming gigs HERE, with Lefty's and Brooklyn Standard on the radar for Friday 30th of September and Saturday 1st of October.

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