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Carla Wehbe Wants You To 'Love Me For Me'

Image Credit: Dylan Bow

Fresh off the release of her debut single ‘Don’t Tell Me’ earlier this year, Sydney based indie-pop songstress Carla Wehbe is back with her latest track ‘Love Me For Me’ and we are here for it!

An infusion of current pop melodies, an edgy 80s nostalgia and vulnerable lyricism, Carla takes us on a journey of shimmering synths and rapid electronic drumming. This laidback but hopeful track serves to remind us that we should all be true to ourselves regardless of our differences. In fact, what makes us different should be celebrated for its beauty and uniqueness, rather than make us feel excluded or isolated.

Speaking on her single, Carla explains, "I never understood why I couldn’t just be accepted for how I was, who I liked or how I liked to dress. Sometimes I like to get dressed up and other times I just want to wear ripped jeans, an oversized t-shirt, converse and a baseball cap. Both are me and that’s ok."

Accompanying this empowering track is the heart-warming music video, also creatively directed by multi-talented Carla and her small production team, who invited a diverse array of people to share their personal battles with mental health.

You can check out the feel-good video below:

‘Love Me For Me’ is Carla’s second single and is the second track on her debut EP Half Past Nine due for release on 23 October. If you dig electronic pop, the nostalgic 80s sonic landscape and relatable song writing, make sure to keep your ears and eyes peeled for this star on the rise!

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