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Chase Atlantic Takes Us On a Trip With New Track 'Molly'

Chase Atlantic’s new single ‘Molly’ delivers the advanced production and aesthetic we’ve come expect from the notorious alt-pop trio. ‘Molly’ fuses electronic beats, organic instrumentation and edgy vocals to construct a genre-defying sound. With underlying messages about love, loss and drug addiction - this is not your average pop song.

The Australian born trio have established an impressive following since first stepping onto the music scene in 2014. Now based in California, Chase Atlantic have created a unique sound that resonates across borders. They have mastered the ability to fearlessly experiment with different genres whilst maintaining a catchy sound. You can see why they list Tame Impala as a major musical influence.

Love, whether it be for another person or a chemical compound, is constantly an uphill battle. At the end of the day it’s up to us to decide whether or not that battle is truly one worth fighting. That being said; in some situations you just have to simply cut your losses and walk away. I hope we can still be friends.”

Chase Atlantic have done a fantastic job of molding this vision into reality. 'Molly’ can be interpreted as a metaphor for a lover or a substance. Lyrics depict an unhealthy reliance on ‘Molly’ as a coping mechanism.

Molly, you were there for me/ When no one ever cared for me, you tried/ Thank you for getting me high

Molly, you would lie to me/ And tell me everything would be alright/ But then you left me to die, it's goodbye

Siren sound effects create a mischievous atmosphere, conjuring images of a messy night out. To add the ‘Molly’ experience, this single finishes off with an unexpected yet somehow perfectly placed saxophone solo. I can only imagine the time taken to plan and perfect the intricacies of this track.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly light-hearted upbeat nature of this track. It cuts deep. ‘Molly’ is a sign of more exciting things to come from Chase Atlantic.

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