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'Collide' Is Our First Taste Of Clio Renner's Debut Album

Clio Renner is Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist who knows the Australian music scene like the back of her hand. After years of working with Aussie musicians and directing behind the scenes, she is finally releasing her own debut album. ‘Collide’ is the first single from her upcoming record Nothing Breaks Nothing Mends, due for release on November 27.

Clio Renner channels inspiration from Radiohead, Joni Mitchell and Beck to create an indie-pop sound with heavier rock elements. Renner has worked with artists including Angus and Julia Stone, Bob Evans, Alex Lahey, G Flip and Killing Heidi. Surrounded by such incredible influences, Renner has crafted a beautiful well-rounded sound of her own. She has been consistently releasing content since 2017, using lockdown as an opportunity to record and produce a full album in 2020. The album “explores the varying states of resistance as humans before we lose our bounds and shrink”. ‘Collide’ is an edgy rock track reminiscent of 80’s trail blazers such as Debbie Harry.

The track opens with electric guitar, percussion and organ-synth to create an eerie atmosphere. Within the first few seconds of listening, you can tell Renner has created a unique sound we don’t often see emerging on the local music scene - lyrics are sung gently with animosity brooding under the surface, building up to a high-energy chorus.

Pity burns down to the end of this cigarette/

I wish I felt sorry for pulling you through those cracks

The song reflects on a relationship with a certain level of hostility, emanating bad-ass vibes.

We’ve broken the glass, now nothing lasts/

I put it down to just being bored/

Don’t hurry to smile/

We’re still getting by from the crooked times

The track finishes with a cinematic outro with instrumentals and harmonies to give you chills. This multi-layered song has countless elements to discover, enticing listeners to keep playing it back. Clio Renner has done an excellent job with ‘Collide’ and we can’t wait to hear her new album Nothing Breaks Nothing Mends on November 27.

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