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Crocodylus Announce Upcoming Tour, New Single and New Music Video.

Image credit: Crocodylus | Supplied

Crocodylus are proving that they haven’t stopped the creative juices from flowing during COVID with the release of their new single ‘Camouflage’.

Having reached new heights with their last single ‘Social Climber’, the boys can seemingly do no wrong. Full of energy and deviating between a catchy chorus and an explosive combination of fuzzy and shiny guitars, Crocodylus builds you up to reach full throttle, but gives you some moments to breathe too. With an interesting situation at the helm of the lyrics, ‘Camouflage’ captures the feeling of being forced into isolation from a unique angle.

Frontman Josh Williams elaborates: "At the start of each year I get this eye infection and that’s the time I know I need to hibernate to get better. So that’s what this song is about, an eye infection. I get kind of embarrassed, as you can tell from the opening lyrics 'Don’t wanna be seen'. I hummed the song in my head at work and wrote it on guitar as soon as I got home. We then had a producing day with Owen Penglis and tightened the song up a bit. It’s influenced by such bands like The Saints, The Damned and The Clash maybe just not as cool."

The music video that accompanies this vivacious track is pretty cooked… but I love it. It will definitely resonate with those of us who feel like we’re going crazy during lockdown and need to get all of our pent-up energy out of our system.

The Crocs will then take this energy on the road at the end of the year, hitting venues in Wollongong, Sydney, Byron Bay and Newcastle. It seems pretty evident from their track record, that they will enter back into the live scene with a bang.

They have previously toured regional Australia with Skegss, nationally with The Chats and have always impressed their loyal “Crocheads” at hometown shows, supporting acts like Ocean Alley, Dune Rats, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Hockey Dad and The Jungle Giants. At a seated show they managed to sneak in back in August, Monster Children remarked that the “Croc boys tore the house down, rebuilt it, and tore it all down again.”

And I don’t doubt that they will deliver again.

Crocodylus 'Social Climber’ Tour 2020

Tickets here

Friday, 20 November Wollongong Uni Bar, Wollongong With Lincoln's Gold

Saturday, 21 November Oxford Art Factory, Sydney With Misty Lanes

Thursday, 3 December The Northern, Byron Bay With Flying Machine Saturday, 5 December The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle With Fungas

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