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Deadlights Delve Into Hard Social Truths With New Single, ‘Born Of A Lie’

Photo by Rob Carroll

Post-hardcore is often the most brutal way to communicate a message. This is, of course, without the influence of experiences and ideals. When mixed with something to say and a first-hand experience, such songs become illuminating beacons of the truth, and uncensored anthems of change. In their latest single, ‘Born Of A Lie’, Deadlights have surfaced a commonly suppressed argument surrounding purpose in the modern world, and individuals’ reliance upon a greater authority to govern their lives, actions and thoughts.

“Born of a Lie’ at its heart is a song about my longing for purpose in the modern world. It's my way of fighting the feeling of existential dread and hoping that my life is more than just a blip in time and space. Much like how religion is some peoples perch from which they view the world, modern technology is ours. The song stabs at organised religion and its hold over me in the past and then discusses how the need for constant validation from tech has merely replaced the need to feel like we are doing right by our god. Our new god fits in the palm of our hands and has been perfectly weaponised to control what we do and why we do it.” explains Dylan Davidson

Through juxtaposing vocals of screamer Dylan Davidson, and clean vocalist Tynan Reibelt, a greater representation of the conflict between a solitary purpose and societal expectations is emphasized; becoming an auditory representation of the differing ideas and conversations surrounding us. True to form, Deadlights also utilise distorted guitar riffs, and frantic drums that all culminate to one mighty breakdown- the pinnacle of such a powerful and demanding track.

Accompanying their latest single is also a music video, shot by the legendary Third Eye Visuals. Reflective of ‘Born Of A Lie’, the video does not tip-toe around ideas, instead, it is shot in a church with menacing robots and apocalyptic imagery.

We physically built the robot seen in the clip out of a TV, 200m of cable and scraps found around the place, then mounted a 3D printed head on it. It stood 6ft tall and is not CGI. It looks menacing and holds a human brain in its hand to symbolise its control over us.” Tynan Reibelt explains

‘Born Of A Lie’ is a mere (but fantastic) glimpse of what is to come for Deadlights, with the single accompanying the announcement of their sophomore record, ‘The Uncanny Valley’. The album is expected to be released on the 21st of May!

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