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'Dear E', From Aya Yves

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Aya Eves

Simply stunning. The first words that come to mind upon hearing Aya Yves’ new single ‘Dear E’. This track is strikingly exposed, not only musically but also lyrically. Written as an ode to Aya’s family, this gripping new single will no doubt sit with you as it reaches into every corner of your emotional self.

The track was co-written with artist LANKS, a specialist at infusing expressive lyrics with electronic backbeats and resonant acoustic piano. ‘Dear E’ undoubtably has similar notes, yet infuses unique Aya Yves elements in the way of silken vocals and delicate lyrical delivery.

This song epitomises the ‘less is more approach’. A simple, dampened kick drumbeat, and resonant piano chords make up the core of ‘Dear E’. Electronic samples lightly flicker over the top of the tune, accompanied by wind-chime like sounds that paint a picture of a beautiful garden surrounded by green rolling grass hills. It is clear that each element was included with a purpose, allowing Aya’s deeply personal lyrics to flow freely through an uncomplicated sound wall.

The topics dealt with in ‘Dear E’ differ distinctly from Aya’s previous releases. The song is significantly more intimate, addressing themes of addiction, loss and family ties. When describing the single, she says;

‘Dear E.’ isn’t just a letter to my sister, it’s a reminder for hope. A promise that we have unfinished business, and we’ll find each other in the next life.” 

This is a song that will leave you with an intrinsic sense of peace. Aya’s approach to her personal loss is calm and encompassing, delivering the listener to safety through the comfort of reunion with loved-ones. It is clear that this song has grown out of painful grappling and reflection, making it so much more than just a new single - so sit quietly and relish in the beauty that is ‘Dear E’.

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