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DENNI Releases Thought-Provoking And Timely New Track 'Murder'

Image credit: DENNI | supplied

DENNI hails from Tasmania and is an Aboriginal artist and rapper who is quickly gaining momentum within the music community for her sharp flow, sweet vocals and deep lyricism. Her new release ‘Murder’ features hip-hop MC Greeley whose style and hard-hitting lyrics capture the essence of the classic Australian hip-hop sound.

‘Murder’ is not to be simplified or disregarded as merely another hip-hop/ trap track (although c’mon, that beat is fire). Behind the production and club-like beat is an important message about the treatment of our First Nations people, opening up an important discussion about the injustice and inequalities that Australia’s First Nations face. 

“This song is dedicated to the strength of my community and for those who have come before me. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, and we continue to keep their fires burning.” 

With the song release comes the music video. Filmed in Brisbane’s botanical gardens, the clip exhibits protest artwork of the Aboriginal flag coupled with the Black Lives Matter hashtag painted by local artist Numpty. The video is focused on community and empowerment, with people standing behind the two artists as they rap - metaphorically alluding to the way in which they stand with the movement and have their back. 

“I wrote ‘Murder’ recently as a way to heal myself from oppression and fear. As a Tasmanian Aboriginal woman I have lived through many experiences already that have challenged my identity, knowledge and strength. The older I get, the more confident I feel to write about these experiences."

Some of the poignant lyrics include: “People in the streets ‘cause we’re calling for justice, run around in circles ‘cause we’ve already done this. Keep falling back hard to keep pace, livin’ in a time it’s a war on race. People on the move ‘cause they’re being displaced, writing our pages and making us slaves, nothing has changed yeah it’s happened for ages, preaching their greatness while pushing our hatred.” 

‘Murder’ is simultaneously a certified banger and a lyrically compacted song that emerges strong from start to finish. It’s fervent and ideological subject matter gives the listener plenty to think about and mull over whilst gettin’ low. 

DENNI’s upcoming project, the RUNAWAYS EP is set to drop next Thursday, 22 October via Vibes Town Records, so keep a watchful eye out.

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