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Dilly Loses His Mind In Latest Single

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Photos Provided by Kick Push PR

The Melbourne-based alt-ambient cryptid is out with another mind shattering single, this time Dilly trapping us in a happy mirror hall with 'Losing My Mind.' Able to get your greasy paws on the track from March 4th, 'Losing My Mind' is the latest from the collaborative project of singer/songwriter/producer/engineer, Darius Papak under his Dilly moniker. Ever the troubadour, the track comes after four glorious releases last year, 'Hole,' 'Trigger,' 'Trippin' & 'Breaking Change.' Now you can add 'Losing My Mind' to the extensive catalogue of Dilly tracks to listen to when you're just a bit too fried and crab-walking home.

The body of the draught features Darius' trademark patented sincere storytelling, with ethereal layered vocals cascading over tentative keys. You can imagine the 'Mmm Watcha Say' layered voices as the opening track for a film, with the freaky modern barber shop quartet-feel opening up to luscious guitar swells and the punchbowl drums of a Cadbury ad. The catchy chorus sways, and the track builds to exasperated, strained vocals as we jump headfirst into a horse kickin' bridge.

'Losing My Mind' is cathartic & vulnerable, with Darius stating:

‘Losing My Mind’ describes a time of dwelling in the most vulnerable parts of life, loss and feeling hopeless, as well as the positive flip-side to being in such a vulnerable place. Embracing the kindness and wisdom of others who reach out and believe in you. Gaining the strength to seek professional help. Finding support that instils a sense of hope, foundation and structure that you can build from. And ultimately, feeling life and energy as it rushes back through your system, as the clouds begin to clear and the colours of the world get stronger.”

'Losing My Mind' was recorded & mixed at Dilly's Mix On The Move. Darius launched this genius business earlier this year, offering a moving state-of-the-art studio in a van. Mix On The Move allows artists to record in any locale they like, rather than being cooped up in a studio. What better proof is there that Mix On The Move can capture & produce top-quality sound than the intricate depth of 'Losing My Mind,' with each voice and instrument layer flawlessly rendered and combined.

So if you're looking for the song you've been itching for, or just a mate to record with, you need Dilly in your life. You can follow Darius on all his socials, and get in contact with his Mix On The Move side of things below. Inject 'Losing My Mind' into your ear canals and get strutting today.

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