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PREMIERE: Dizzy Days on their dazzling disco-licked debut 'Take My Heart'

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Photo by Madeline Randall

Meanjin's most exciting newcomers, Dizzy Days have released their highly-anticipated debut track 'Take My Heart'. Filled with funk-driven melodies, velvety baselines, glittering synths and buoyed by illustrious vocals, 'Take My Heart' is a vibrant, multi-layered concord of the four-pieces extraordinary abilities.

Exploding into the scene earlier this year with a live performance most bands take months to perfect, Dizzy Days know who they are, what they want and exactly how to get it. Already a hot commodity in the music scene, the four-piece have awed crowds from local stages to festivals and are showing no signs of slowing down.

We had a chat to Dizzy Days all about the debut, their first live performance and the stars aligning for the four-piece to form their band.


‘Take My Heart’ is your debut track for Dizzy Days and what an exciting entrance you have made! How does it feel to be releasing your music into the world?

We are so excited! Ever since we were young, we imagined having music out and now it’s happening, it’s pretty surreal to be honest.

The track is a dazzling display of modern disco-pop with velvety basslines and funk-driven melodies that make you want to jump and dance around your room. What does the track mean to you and how do you want listeners to feel when they hear it for the first time?

Pretty much exactly that, if you listen to the music we want you to have a boogie, dance around your room type energy. The song’s about a rough time in a relationship so if you listen to the lyrical content, we hope you can relate and it distracts you from the way that you feel, let this song be your breakup bestie.

Who were some of your key influences when refining your sound and creating your debut?

We had so many influences, The Jungle Giants were a massive one, so were Dua Lipa and Sycco - we also love Cosmo’s Midnight-esque production.

‘Take My Heart’ holds a very vibrant and detailed backing track along with the bass, synth, guitar and drums. Walk us through the intricacies of the beautiful sounds we are hearing. Can I hear a violin in there?

We spent SO long sortingthrough all the ideas we had, we love heavy percussion like cowbell and vibraslap, lush synths, we even have a bit of piano at the end… and yes, you can hear the one and only Tom Vu playing violin. A lot of the elements can be accredited to our insanely talented producer Sam Woods, take for example the vocal chops at the end which we LOVE.

From songwriting to recording and production, what was your process like and is there anything you would change?

We smashed this song out when we wrote it, we needed a 45 minute long set and didn’t want to do another cover so Aisling was having a play on Logic, wrote the bassline on synth, brought it to rehearsal and it grew from there… This was two days out from the gig. We took our time with the production which we’re super stoked about because there was no pressure which allowed us to be creative.

Now, tell us about Dizzy Days. How did you all meet and form the band?

This is a good one - literally none of us knew each other. Aisling decided one day that she wanted to form a girl band so went right ahead and posted on a Facebook page looking for musicians. This is where EJ (guitar) came into the picture, they were messaging for a bit then met up to have a jam. Days later, Aisling’s friends were at a gig, spotted Bridgette playing, and three of them messaged saying “YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS GIRL IN YOUR BAND”. Then comes Mikaela, we messaged her on Instagram not thinking she’d see but, she did because turns out, we know her drum teacher! Stars align, right?

Despite only just releasing your first track, you’ve had the opportunity to perform a handful of live shows. How was performing for the first time as a band?

Chaotic, we actually had a different drummer before Mikaela who played the first two shows (we love you Deanne!) The first one we played was at a sports bar with a TV showing a football game right above our heads, weird vibe. Our first show with Mikaela was very spontaneous, we were supporting Rum Jungle at Vinnies Dive Bar which turned out to be the best night and Mikki smashed it after only one rehearsal! Also, crazy story - our next gig after that was Interstellar’s Spaced Out Festival with the likes of Wolfmother and Pacific Avenue, we were SCARED! Due to COVID - a band pulled out, who we replaced. EJ was actually meant to still be away on Christmas holidays but she miraculously came home early, so again, stars aligned!

What can we expect from Dizzy Days moving into 2022!? Do you have any upcoming shows or releases?

2022… we have BIG things coming, there may or may not be a tour of some kind in the works. We also have some wicked shows coming up in Meanjin (Brisbane) working with some of our favourite local bands. Who knows, maybe we have another song or two planned before the year is out.


Deep dive dive into the magical world of Dizzy Day's with their magical debut single 'Take My Heart'

Plus, catch Dizzy Day's at their 'Take My Heart' single launch joined by Ruby Jo and RINK at Woolly Mammoth on Saturday 28 May.

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