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Django Django Release Spangly New Single ‘Spirals’

Photo: Horacio Bolz

British artsy synth four-piece Django Django have just delivered a new reverberating five minute single called ‘Spirals’.

The track un-ironically leaves you dizzy – both in terms of it's whisk-you-off-your feet sensation and marvelling at the sheer spectacle of their talent. This is the band's first release since their 2018 EP Winter’s Beach and hopefully serves as an appetiser for what's to come.

With their self-titled debut album nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2012 and an impressive span of discography curated in the years since, Django Django are virtuosos of nearly every interesting genre music has to offer and can casually hold a candle to the masterpieces of their art rock predecessors.

Dubbed by The Guardian as ‘indie alchemists’, Django Django continue to distill their music into a chemical fusion of other-worldliness and electricity, whilst still being assuredly reliable in their ability to produce an absolute bop.

Having dabbled in the realms of synth-pop, art rock, indie-alt and essentially everything else a bit odd and progressive, this unique turn into the twirling fields of psychedelia via 'Spirals' comes as no surprise.

‘Spirals’ is a 3D experience. Giving the sensation of standing in the apex of a spinning, electric tornado of synth, the song spits the lyrics and supplementary instrumental debris it has picked up along the way back at you as it rotates around and around.

A trilling ring of ‘robot calls’ (otherwise known as synthesiser) elegantly ebbs and flows throughout the course of the song, galvanising a swell of anticipation. Steely cymbal-driven drum beats serve as a sturdy spinal cord that stabilises what is otherwise an increasingly manic progression of psychedelic inferno.

A chanting chorus of voices spouts lines that, though initially seem nonsensical and avante-garde, are actually lovely lyrics about human connectivity.

“It's really about the connections we have as humans being stronger than the divisions. We're all connected and all related to each other no matter who we are or where we are from,” says Django Django.

The title itself refers to the spiralling structure of a DNA double-helix, a charming metaphor symbolising that since everyone is built of the exact same stuff, we are infinitely more similar than we are different.

Accompanying the single is a Maxim Kelly produced music video that embodies the exact sort of thing you’d imagine for a hallucination inducing track; spiralling mandalas.

No matter how poetic the nature of 'Spirals' lyrics are, we know one thing for sure – it is going to go off at festivals.

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