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Dominic Breen Takes Us To ‘James Street Tonight' With New Single

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Photographed by Dani Hansen

Sydney troubadour Dominic Breen has released his first single of 2021 ‘James Street Tonight’ setting a high anticipation for his forthcoming album. ‘James Street Tonight’ is a song that triggers an innate feeling of honesty from Breen- like a melancholic lullaby the music washes over you whilst in part shaking you to your core.

Reminiscent of The Cure's ‘Boys don’t cry’ and ‘Bruce Springsteen’ in emotional deliverance the track takes you to a place of yearning for love in a sweet yet quietly anguished way. Breen's lyrics are of deep introspection, a lingering heart when nearly all hope for repair and a rekindled love is gone.

'Let me come over to James street tonight, promise I won’t try get us back together'

This song is a snapshot in space and time where all you need is someone- a sliver of a love that might yet survive, but teetering on the fringe of knowing it's all but lost. ‘James street tonight’ tantalises with the hope that holding on that little bit longer will be our salvation, like a flicker of flame just before its extinguished.

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