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Dream-pop Sensations Seaside Return With 'Sycamore'

Updated: May 28, 2019

With an opening gliss that will win you over in a heartbeat, the Byron Bay based dream-pop legends Seaside have returned with a gorgeous new track ‘Sycamore’.

‘Sycamore’ is the second track released from the quartet this year, proving they are not slowing down anytime soon. After scoring themselves the coveted triple j Unearthed at Splendour In The Grass last year, these legends have been going from strength to strength.

‘Sycamore’ brings a dark lyricism to some bright pop, in a delicious and addictive manner.

"Life can put you in positions that make us uncomfortable,” lead singer Darcy Dexter explains. "The line 'ghosts in my house' is a metaphor for allowing something/some situation to weave itself into the wires of your mind, leaving them tangled, making us feel like we’re being forced to explain ourselves.

Leading with some of the heaviest lyrics we’ve heard from the quartet, the song still soars high with some bright pop melodies licked and syncopated scaling that will have you up on that dance floor shaking your rump.

Since their 2018 EP Lover, We All Have Our Vices, Seaside are constantly delivering banger after banger and ‘Sycamore’ is no exception. They are a powerhouse of pop and are continuing to prove themselves as some of the hardest workers in both studio and on stage.

They are currently on tour with Good Doogs, so chuck a listen to ‘Sycamore’ down below, and then get out and see these legends as they’re on the rise.



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