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EGOISM Drop Tearjerking New Single

Photography: Billy Zammit

Sydney indie-pop power duo EGOISM have had a rambunctious few years, with their 2020 debut EP On Our Minds putting them on the rising star radar. Then 2021 saw them scope out new territory with 'Lonely But Not Alone.' Now, they've dialled up The Feels to eleven with their latest singles 'For Ages,' and '2016-2018.' The track drops with an accompanying music video, and EGOISM are backing up the release with their burly full-fledged For Ages Tour. The band consists of music cryptids Olive Rush and Scout Eastment.

The two tracks are quite different from each other, contrasting the pensive & pointed-pop dichotomy of the band. 'For Ages' sounds like if robots could play acoustic. It's both futuristic & rooted. The track reminds me of an alternate-timeline where Metro Station's 'Shake It' was a serious and touching affair.

Their latest track, '2016-2018' comes as a breath of fresh air in a world oversaturated in pop. Here we have a heartfelt acoustic number, driven by morose & reflective lyrics. The track explores methadone abuse & addiction, and showcases EGOISM's flair for rich storytelling. The warmth of the track belies the helplessness of the protagonists. Olive Rush opened up about the track:

“I'm convinced that your capacity for fear peaks at 18. I was completely directionless and trying to find who ‘my people’ were. I made a close friend, and over 2 years I watched their life descend into total chaos as I was helpless to do anything. Mainly because I was circling the same drain. So I wrote this song to say what I wish I could have said back then. Writing it kind of made me realise how little power I had over what happened. In some ways it’s closure”

'2016-2018' is out now, streaming at clubs, churches, hospitals, hotels, schools, prisons & oil rigs, and you can wrap your lobes around it on all your goldfish's favourite streaming platforms. But for now, follow EGOISM to keep up to date, and be sure to check out the accompanying music video, but be warned that tissues may be needed.

EGOISM 'For Ages Tour' 2022

Tickets here

Brisbane - Black Bear Lodge - May 7th

Melbourne - The Workers Club - May 20th

Wollongong - La La La's - May 27th

Newcastle - The Cambridge - May 28th

Sydney - Waywards - June 2nd

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