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EGOISM Will Be On Your Mind With Their New EP

Image: EGOISM | Supplied

Flickering between upbeat pop to sad bedroom stylings in a second, EGOISM continue down their shoegazey, hazy bedroom pop sound with their EP release 'On Our Minds'. They clearly display their duality and mastery of their music sonically in this EP, with a delicious intertwining of the two distinct vocal ranges - angelic and heavenly, silky smooth and soft like meringue mixture, being the absolute highlight of their release.

Alternating between lead vocals gives the band a unique vibe, with each track sounding different yet still the same. Their flexibility in being able to switch between vocalists so easily yet maintain their distinct sound is incredible and displays their duality as musicians, as keeping a coherent style is notoriously where musicians fall short. Lyrically, they endeavour to delve into some complex issues and succeed spectacularly, tackling depression, uncertainty and longing- which are extremely poignant ideas right now due to the current climate and the anxieties that have built up around it, seemingly smothering society.

The echoey and synth-like guitars continue through the whole EP, but are especially noticeable in 'Never Leave', which sounds like a sad song but with a sprinkle of glitter and sparkle to deepen the song and bring out its shimmering undertones. It's a remarkably similar track to those of FRITZ, with fuzz being the key factor, interplaying and interweaving itself into all aspects of the track,

‘What Are We Doing’ is probably the most distinct style change throughout the EP, focussing more on an indie rock aspect of their music and pushing aside bedroom shoegaze for a few minutes, with classic percussion, bass and electric guitar being the main focal points of the song.

‘Happy’ is a genuine and hopeful track that we would expect from EGOISM, with flexible vocals and sad-sounding guitars. It’s the kind of song that you can laugh to, then laugh too much, then burst into hysterical tears. With an inevitable buildup to the final chorus, it’s an explosion of emotions portrayed through soaring vocals.

‘Here’s The Thing’ is heavily reminiscent in sound to that of #1 Dads, both with vocals and the sneakiest hint of keys that mix in with the layers upon layers of goodness, bringing out a slightly alternative and introspective aspect of their music.

One of their previous single releases 'You, You' is featured on the EP, which has been a Triple J and FBI Radio airplay favourite- and it's easy to hear why. It's a banger. Plain and simple. Soaring and bendy vocals are the show stopper, displaying a huge range, which compliment the scattered synths so damn well. It's snappy, clappy, foot stomp- worthy, and all things good. Once you hear this song, it's one that you want to see live and dance around to with sweaty, smiling strangers. If you're lucky enough to live in Wollongong, those dreams may become a reality as EGOISM have a cheeky live show coming up soon!

Overall, the EP is unified sonically and takes you on a little journey through EGOISM's musical abilities, displaying their talents to the fullest possible extent. With five absolutely fantastic tracks featured, it's definitely one to add to the vibey playlist of your choice. So go stream it immediately here.

Great Southern Nights Tour- EGOISM 2020

Tickets here

Thursday, 12th November

Dicey Rileys, Wollongong

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