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Eliza & The Delusionals Drop New Single 'Just Exist'

Eliza & The Delusionals are an exciting addition to the Australian Music Scene. The up and coming Gold Coast band have been busy creating their latest single ‘Just Exist’ and with the release, has received high praise, and rotation on Triple J.

‘Just Exist’ comes inspired by a plethora of feelings. Explained by Eliza, “Just Exist is about the balance of feeling depressed and feeling creative and inspired by those feelings. I find a lot of my best and most inspired creative ideas have come from some of the saddest and worst feelings I’ve ever felt which is very bittersweet. I hate feeling down but if I didn’t feel that way I think I would plainly just exist."

It’s a tight track from the get go with a pleasing guitar riff leading us into Eliza’s soothing vocals. The single has a classic, indie rock melody which is very attractive and largely accepted to the majority of music listeners in Australia at the moment. I’m definitely not surprised it’s getting air time on Triple J.

The final chorus has Eliza letting loose and really flaunting how glorious her vocals can be. It’s the kick the song needs, elevating the power and emotion in the song. Following the release of ‘Just Exist’, The band has been announced on the Yours and Owls lineup in October. Check out the lineup below.



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