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Emerson Snowe Reborn In 'Human'

Jarrod Mahon has been welcomed to the world as Emerson Snowe, a solo artist, a creative outlet for himself. The bassist for The Creases has stepped into the spotlight and released his first single for the year ‘Human’.

“I have never been more happy with myself and content with who I am and my creativity then I have since I have stopped drinking.”

‘Human’ has a feeling of rebirth. When you listen to the song, is as if you were in a dark place and now, after listening you have found the light. ‘Human’ is the sound of optimism. “I  have always been quite aware of how I always self-sabotage myself, I feel it is coming back into my life more recently – but now that I have more of a goal I’m starting to see and feel beautiful things. I’m glad I’m here.”  And we’re glad you’re here too.

The indie pop track holds a solid catchy beat, and you find yourself singing along to the chorus ‘I want to feel like a human'. Picture yourself going for a run and all of a sudden it starts raining, you could run for cover, or you could let the drops hit you as you run faster. You’re feeling alive! This is the song you’d be listening to when making that decision.

‘Human’ by Emerson Snowe will appeal to many. It is well coordinated and you can tell that Snowe is a seasoned musician. This is exciting times for Emerson Snowe, with his EP That’s Rock and Roll released and his Australian tour kicking off in July, it’s thrilling to see what’s to come. Listen to the song below.

Emerson Snow Tour 2019

Tickets Here

Thursday 4 July     

Oxford Art Factory | Sydney

Friday 5 July     

Cambridge Hotel | Newcastle

Sunday 7 July     

North Gong | Wollongong

Thursday 11 July    

Upstairs @ The Tote | Melbourne

Saturday 13 July    

The Bearded Lady | Brisbane



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